Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ZOMBI here collected information for a new or old traders of FOREX market.
There are many sites which offers trading. Including this ICM also offers.
ICM offers it's clients a choice of leading edge trading platforms - WinTrader and MetaTrader 4. These platforms support a broad array of trading products for both desktop and mobile trading. ICM treats the issues of data security, privacy, integrity and backup with the utmost attention and care. Our system security is applied at two levels: one at the server level and one at the application level. Moreover, each platform has redundancy and backup and recovery capability to ensure your transactions and intact and secure.

Why trade with ICM?

ICM provides some unique and exceptional advantages for online traders:

2 pip fixed spreads,
WinTrader and MetaTrader software,
400:1 leverage, 0.25% margin requirements,
Licensed Broker,
API/Expert Advisor automated trading,
Guaranteed fills,
Currencies, indices and commodities,
Fast and easy account opening.

Source( icm trading.)


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